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Gulangyu island in Xiamen

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March 2008

Thorntree Report

Just stayed a few days on Gulangyu island in Xiamen. Highly recommend it to anyone travelling around China in need of a few days relaxation.

We stayed in the Naya Hotel (dorms 50 Rmb, Singles / Doubles 140 Rmb, special doubles (with TV, good bathroom) from around 280Rmb). It’s next to the Youth hostel and a very comfortable place to stay. Breakfast – coffee and toasted sandwich- is 20 Rmb, and they have meals such as lasagna or beef with rice from around 30rmb. They also have free wireless internet and a small DVD collection. If you stay there try to get a room on the back – otherwise the tour groups may wake you in the morning. They also have beer – small Tsing Tao in restaurant is 7 Rmb, although there is a ‘supermarket’ behind the reception in the place that sells big cold bottles for 5 Rmb. Unfortunately only found out about the second option on my last night! They are busy at weekends – but I think during the week should be no problem getting a room.

Gulangyu island is a great place to walk around – although there are a lot of tour groups at weekends. As there are no cars it’s quieter than most places in China. There are loads of interesting buildings to look at – some half derelict while others are in the process of being restored. There’s also a couple of beaches which might be nice in warmer weather.

Food isn’t great on the island – at least we had difficulty! There are small stalls selling seafood – we had a good steamed fish for 48 Rmb near one of the beaches, and fried clams for around 15 Rmb. In town fish balls are popular – but they tasted like ping pong balls to me! The dumplings in soup weren’t that good either – more plastic. There is also Baby Cat Cafe which is quite a cool place to hang out in the rain – more western style food. We ended up eating at Naya quite a lot.

From the airport, taxis can take two routes into town – the short cheap route with many traffic lights (and maybe traffic jams), or the longer, more expensive scenic route.

Gulangyu island – worth a visit.


Written by drumbrake

September 11, 2010 at 11:52 am

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